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Following Jim’s passing, Bud returned to his writing, primarily poetry. In celebration of his 100th birthday in 2013 we published a collection of his poems – Food for Thought - to share with family and friends.

Here are a few of his most inspired writings that he had memorized and sometimes would share by reciting to people he would meet.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT... “I hope my recipes of Food For Thought will appease the appetite of your mind.” ~ Bud As A Man Thinketh As the innocence, purity, and beauty of life fade With the acceptance of the temptations of the flesh Taking us down the path of human experience With its uplifting anticipations and deep felt degradations, We arrive at the gate of truth. And there, the realization that “Nothing is as it seems to be, until thinking makes it so”, Opens our mind once again To the innocence, purity, and beauty of life, For as it has been written, “As a man thinketh, so is he”. ~ Bud

Let Go, Let God


There is a place I long to be

That’s filled with God and you and me

Where all is perfect harmony

Between us.


A place that we can call our own

Where seeds of love and joy are sewn,

A place where His Thoughts can be known,

And cherished.


Just such a place I know we’ll find

When we can cut the chains that bind

Us to the past, and leave behind

Mixed memories.


Memories of conflicting things

That often cause a mood that brings

A great desire to sprout some wings,

And fly away.


I know, although it may seem odd,

Such things would vanish with a nod

If we could just let go, and

Let God in our world.


~ Bud


So Be It


We have a mind that wants to know,

We have a soul that wants to show

Just what it is that we want so

To be.


To be what we often ask.

Could it be, that if we'd cast

Aside the shackles of the past,

We'd be free?


Being free, perhaps we'll know

The beauty that God's Will will show.

The butterfly has told us so,

So be it.



The Now-ness Of Being


What was, is NOW in the records…

Let it BE.

What will be is NOW in the making…

Help it BE.

What IS, is all that is necessary…

To BE.


~ Bud